For Employers

GoldHawk Partners focuses on industries we know well to ensure that client requisitions are completed timely with high-performing professionals. Having two decades of executive search success enables our firm to streamline the entire recruitment process. Compared to traditional methods of recruiting, using GoldHawk Partners will generate a greater ROI. Job boards may help you hire candidates cheaper, but they will not help you hire the best employees. LinkedIn only provide profiles, while our firm engages and develops relationships with the professionals behind the profile. We offer a tremendous value proposition by being capable of recruiting your competitor's best talent to enhance your competitive advantage.

Why GoldHawk Partners

GoldHawk Partners is the gold standard in executive search.

Unlike job boards which produce hundreds of unqualified resumes that will reduce your hiring manager’s productivity, partnering with GoldHawk Partners will fill requisitions more timely with “hard to find” talent.

Our firm outperforms LinkedIn since elite professionals are growing apprehensive toward responding to numerous recruiter emails and prefer recruiters who develop long-term relationships. Furthermore, we interview all candidates and conduct extensive screening of all pertinent information related to character and work performance. This approach allows hiring managers to focus on other important business demands prior to interviewing a select group of "qualified" candidates.

Our Role

Conduct a client needs assessment. Define search strategy. Identify and recruit qualified passive candidates. Coordinate the entire interview process. Perform background checks. Negotiate fair compensation for all parties. Assist placement in resignation to ensure start date. Monitor candidate's success during tenure.

Our Benefits

Profit objective met with industry talent. We recruit your competitor's top performers. Managers spend less time reviewing unqualified resumes and more time developing employees. Enhanced talent, reduced turnover and increased customer satisfaction. Normal attrition handled by our talent pool. Diversity to enhance your culture, innovation and morale.

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Sales Recruitment

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