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The economy has improved significantly creating a war on talent. Companies looking to gain a competitive advantage must hire high-performers who make an impact on their culture, profitability, and customer experience. Experienced job seekers have several employment options and are bypassing internet and social media job postings. These elite professionals must be influenced by an executive recruiter who is highly regarded as a trusted advisor.

GoldHawk Partners can improve your staffing ROI by using a sales methodology for talent acquisition. Since 1997, our firm has helped startups to Fortune 500 companies maintain business-critical headcount and enhance revenue by recruiting experienced professionals who are not actively job hunting due to their current success. Our leadership team is respected in many business circles and our competent recruiters have tremendous tenure with our firm.

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Cost of Not Using Us:
  • Indirect cost from low morale, equipment abuse, and customer service issues.
  • Resources, time, productivity, and money wasted refilling key positions.
  • 60% of your managers time wasted on employees incapable of producing results.
  • Lose efficiency and 5 times the employee’s annual salary rehiring and training.
  • The customer experience is damaged; impacting revenue and shareholder value.