Cover Letter Tips

The single page should highlight your qualifications that best suit the position. It should point out why you, above all other applicants, should be contacted for an interview.

Avoid duplicating information in your resume and address it to a specific person. The first paragraph should introduce who you are, why you are writing and where you learned about the opportunity. The middle should highlight your skills that will allow you to excel. Close the letter by indicating where and how you can be reached. Proofread several times.

Resume Tips

goldhawk=partners-resume-tipsOur recruiters review numerous resumes that contain misspelled words or improper formats. In today's employer-driven job market, it is critical that your resume demonstrates the depth of your expertise and value to an organization. This will ensure that you are portrayed as having the proper skill set to meet the demands of the position.

Your 1 to 2 page resume is intended to outline your qualifications and what you have achieved. The goal is to quickly impress the hiring authority enough to grant you an interview, since most managers only spend seconds scanning resumes.

Experienced candidates can replace objectives with a summary of their qualifications. A good hiring manager will translate this information into what you will be capable of contributing to his/her organization.

Chronological Format

Your most recent job will be placed first. This format will focus on your work experience and is most common.

Functional Format

Summarize your employment history and focus on your skills and accomplishments. Use it if your past experience does not match the job description.

Resume To Do's

  1. Use action verbs: managed, developed, coordinated, directed, improved, and organized.
  2. Check grammar, spelling, font, and correct margins.
  3. Do not use self-descriptive words: age, sex, race, marital status.
  4. Toot your horn with recognition and accomplishments.
  5. List community involvement, special training and skills.
  6. Avoid....lengthy paragraphs over 6 lines; vague descriptions; time gaps; overuse of bolding and "I"
  7. Put former jobs in past tense.