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GoldHawk Partners clients have benefited from our internal audit that has helped their executive team recognize opportunities to improve strategies, productivity, and profitability. Since 1997, we have been a trusted partner by recruiting exceptional talent throughout the United States, while providing value-added consultancy solutions. Clients have consisted of global corporations, mid-size companies, and venture backed startups.

Executive search


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Our executive search practice manages the entire talent acquisition process including: performing job analysis, bench marking, research, contingency or retained recruitment, diversity searches, competency assessments, vetting, and background checks, while clients focus on other business demands.

Leadership development


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Our consulting practice has consulted companies on leadership and organizational development, strategy, process improvement, performance optimization, sales enablement, sales methodologies, diversity, and talent management. Clients benefit from enhanced shareholder value.

Executive Coaching


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Our executive coaching program is a value-added service that provides sound feedback and advice on an individual or group basis to improve personal effectiveness in the workplaces. When working with an individual client, we tailor the subject matter to fit that client’s responsibilities and core competencies.



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In fostering diversity and inclusion, GoldHawk Partners is helping clients succeed in the global, multi-cultural business market. As a certified minority-owned firm, we are committed to helping clients become the employers of choice and preferred business partners.

"Helping Clients Build World-Class Organizations Since 1997"